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Svensk exegetisk årsbok 77 / 2012

Exegetiska dagen 2011

James W. Aageson

Paul, the Pastoral Epistles, and the Early Church (James Starr)

John J. Ahn

Exile as Forced Migrations: A Sociological, Literary, and Theological Approach on the Displacement and Resettlement of the Southern Kingdom of Judah (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Harold W. Attridge

Essays on John and Hebrews (David Svärd)

Richard Bauckham

Jesus and the God of Israel: ‘God Crucified’ and Other Studies on the New Testament’s Christology of Divine Identity (Anders Ekenberg)

E. Ben Zvi and C. Levin (eds.)

The Concept of Exile in Ancient Israel and Its Historical Contexts (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Christoph Berner

Die Exoduserzählung: Das literarische Werden einer Ursprungslegende Israels (Göran Eidevall)

Michael F. Bird

Crossing over Sea and Land: Jewish Missionary Activity in the Second Temple Period (Tobias Hägerland)

John Byron

Cain and Abel in Text and Tradition: Jewish and Christian Interpretations of the First Sibling Rivalry (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Jens Börstinghaus

Sturmfahrt und Schiffbruch. Zur lukanischen Verwendung eines literarischen Topos in Apostelgeschichte 27,1–28,6 (Tord Fornberg)

Christopher L. Carter

The Great Sermon Tradition as a Fiscal Framework in 1 Corinthians: Towards a Pauline Theology of Material Possessions (Tobias Hägerland)

David W. Chapman

Ancient Jewish and Christian Perceptions of Crucifixion (Torleif Elgvin)

John Day (red.)

Prophecy and Prophets in Ancient Israel (Stefan Green)

Malin Ekström

Allvarsam parodi och möjlighetens melankoli. En queerteoretisk analys av Ruts bok (Mikael Larsson)

Anthony Heacock

Jonathan Loved David: Manly Love in the Bible and the Hermeneutics of Sex (Mikael Larsson)

Troels Engberg-Pedersen

Cosmology and Self in the Apostle Paul: The Material Spirit (Mathias Sånglöf)

Hans Furuhagen

Bibeln och arkeologerna: Om tro, myter och historia (Magnus Ottosson)

Martien A. Halvorson-Taylor

Enduring Exile: The Metaphorization of Exilein the Hebrew Bible (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Katie M. Heffelfinger

I am Large, I Contain Multitudes: Lyric Cohesion and Conflict in Second Isaiah (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Tom Holmén and Stanley E. Porter (red.)

Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus (Lars-Göran Alm)

Moyer V. Hubbard

Christianity in the Greco-Roman World: A Narrative Introduction (Hanna Stenström)

Kristin Joachimsen

Identities in Transition: The Pursuit of Isa. 52:13–53:12 (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

James A. Kelhoffer

Persecution, Persuasion and Power: Readiness to Withstand Hardship as a Corroboration of Legitimacy in the New Testament (Birger Olsson)

Helen Kraus

Gender Issues in Ancient and Reformation Translations of Genesis 1–4 (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Hans Leander

Discourses of Empire: The Gospel of Mark from a Postcolonial Perspective (Hanna Stenström)

Margaret Y. MacDonald

Colossians, Ephesians (Martin Wessbrandt)

Jodi Magness

Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus (Bim Berglund)

Hilary Marlow

Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics: Re-Reading Amos, Hosea, and First Isaiah (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Marko Marttila

Collective Reinterpretation in the Psalms (Stig Norin)

Eric F. Mason och Kevin B. McCruden (red.)

Reading the Epistle to the Hebrews: A Resource for Students (David Börjesson)

Jason Maston

Divine and Human Agency in Second Temple Judaism and Paul (Blaženka Scheuer)

Margaret M. Mitchell

Paul, the Corinthians and the Birth of Christian Hermeneutics (Jennifer Nyström)

Halvor Moxnes

Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism: A New Quest for the Nineteenth-Century Historical Jesus (Hans Leander)

Mogens Müller

The Expression ‘Son of Man’ and the Development of Christology: A History of Interpretation (Tobias Hägerland)

Birger Olsson

Johannesbreven (Jonas Holmstrand)

Stellan Ottosson

Jesus, Paulus och kärleken (Tobias Månsson)

Mladen Popovíc (ed.)

Authoritative Scriptures in Ancient Judaism (Torleif Elgvin)

Stanley E. Porter (ed.)

Paul’s World (James Starr)

Volker Rabens

The Holy Spirit and Ethics in Paul: Transformation and Empowering for Religious-Ethical Life (Samuel Svensson)

Kent Aaron Reynolds

Torah as Teacher: The Exemplary Torah Student in Psalm 119 (LarsOlov Eriksson)

Anders Runesson

O att du slet itu himlen och steg ner: Om Jesus, Jonas Gardell och Guds andedräkt (Tord Fornberg)

Anna Runesson

Exegesis in the Making: Postcolonialism and New Testament Studies (Hans Leander)

Heikki Räisänen

The Rise of Christian Beliefs: The Thought World of Early Christians (Anders Runesson)

Klaus Seybold

Studien zu Sprache und Stil der Psalmen (LarsOlov Eriksson)

Craig A. Smith

Timothy’s Task, Paul’s Prospect: A New Reading of 2 Timothy (James Starr)

Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer

For the Comfort of Zion: The Geographical and Theological Location of Isaiah 40–55 (Göran Eidevall)

Jakob Wöhrle

Die frühen Sammlungen des Zwölfprophetenbuches; Der Abschluss des Zwölfprophetenbuches (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

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