Svenska exegetiska sällskapet

Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok

Svensk Exegetisk Årsbok [the Swedish Exegetical Annual] provides high-class exegetical research to an increasingly international audience. The editorial board places great value in maintainting a high international standard in the annual. The journal is available through Open Access since 2012, and it is also possible to purchase printed copies of earlier issues.


Subscription to the journal is made through membership in the Swedish Exegetical Society. The annual will then be sent to you once a year along with an invoice. The shipping is free for members in Sweden.


Submission of articles for publication shall be sent to the editorial secretary David Willgren. Book reviews are to be sent to the review editor Rosmari Lillas. Instructions for contributors, as well as information concerning publication and licenses are found here.


The editorial board consists of prof. Göran Eidevall (publisher, Uppsala University), dr. Blaženka Scheuer (Lund University), doc. Cecilia Wassén (Uppsala University), doc. Rikard Roitto (Stockholm School of Theology), dr. David Willgren (Academy for Leadership and Theology, Umeå), and dr. Rosmari Lillas (University of Gothenburg). Contact information is available here.